Dear potential Distributor / Stockist,


We’re a new women’s label ADINE UNDONE emerging within the international market via distribution & direct sales to retail. We’re open to new collaborations with distributors, boutiques, stores & chain stores as a wholesaler of our label

We have some key basics set in place should you wish to distribute or stock our label. They are as follow:

  • A good web presence is vital – a Facebook [ META ] shop alone will not suffice. A good brick & mortar presence is vital – a pop-up store will not suffice. A strong network of distribution is vital – a weak distribution channel will not suffice.
  • A registered business name & ABN, or equivalent business registration in your country.
  • Ability to pay up front, at least to begin a collaborative rapport. We can extend trading terms later down the track, but not from the get go.
  • A good understanding of our Brand is necessary should you wish to stock it so we know you feel it will be a good fit for your own customer base.
  • A good base of communication is vital in order for us to stock a store with our emerging label because a lot of what we do is CUSTOMISED which we pride ourselves on to benefit our end consumer. Without a strong open channel of communication between our studio and a stockist, we’d be unable to operate well which would be nothing but problematic.
  • If your business has a physical location is must be locatable on Google.

These are basic prerequisites vital to any collaboration we’d be potentially open to discuss. We definitely seek strong, prosperous collaborations with all potential distributors & stockists interested in our label because we’re looking to grow within new markets worldwide, but we pride ourselves on being a very interactive brand with our end consumers, so it’s extremely important to us knowing we can fully establish good solid bases with any new partners that would align with our company values and product.

Should you be interested in getting in touch with us regarding stocking our new label please feel free to reach us on the following emails we will be more than happy to hear from you.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]